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The 20th Anniversary KOI World Cup and Training Camp took place in Selangor and Kuala Lumpur from 24th to 31st July 2011. The date and place of the next KOI World Cup will be announced soon.

HQ Hotel, Cititel Mid Valley
Mid Valley City, Lingkaran Syed Putra, 59200 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Tel : 603-2296 1111, Fax : 603-2284 9061
Email : resvn@cititelmidvalley.com

For details of the KOI Hotels visit www.chm-hotels.com

The Gardens Hotel & Residences, Tel : 603-2268 1111, Fax : 603-2287 3298, Email : resvnkul@gardenstlres.com

Boulevard Hotel, Tel : 603-2295 8111, Fax : 603-2287 9551, Email : resvnkul@blvhotel.com


Final Registration and issue of documentation will take place at the HQ Hotel Cititel Mid Valley on Sunday 24th July from 1400hrs until 2000hrs. Coaches must bring two passport style photographs for all their competitors as well as their KOI licences and a photocopy of their competitor's passports or other proof of the competitor's age. If you have paid by bank transfer please ensure that you have the bank transaction receipt with you. You must attend registration. In case of scheduled flights being delayed, a special late registration will be held the next day (Monday). Entries will be accepted only on proof of delay and at the sole discretion of KOI OC.

Main Course Programme
Please make sure that you arrive on time and that you bring your course card and KOI licence to all sessions. The Training Camp will take place Monday 25th July till Wednesday 27th July from 0900-1300hrs each day. On Wednesday after close of course, we will present the participation certificates and have a photo session.

Lesson 1 0900 till 1000
Break 30 minutes
Lesson 2 1030 till 1130
Break 30 minutes
Lesson 3 1200 till 1300

The course is supervised by Tommy Morris & KOI Senior Instructors plus;
Shukokai/Shitoryu Kata and techniques: Steven Morris
Shotokan Kata and techniques: Loh Beng Hooi
Sport Kumite Training: Richard Callaghan, Marco Mazzanti, Sergey Ivanov, Rafael Akchurine

Referee's Course
The referee's course is open to beginners as well as qualified referees and to those who are working on the tables during the championships. It will be held as follows:
Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday from 15.00 till 17.00 for theory instruction and written examination. The practical examination will take place on Thursday 22nd July starting at 0900hrs at the sport hall and further assessment/training will continue on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday during the competition by WKF/KOI senior referees. All the latest modifications to WKF Rules will be explained and confirmed by Tommy Morris.

The Competition Draw
The draw and competition programme will be given to the delegates at 19.00hrs on Wednesday at the HQ Hotel.

International DAN and KYU Grade Examinations
KOI examinations for Dan and Kyu grades will be held at the Sport Hall or HQ Hotel (depending on numbers). Any member wishing to take an official KOI examination should complete the application form and return it not later than the closing date for entries.

20th KOI World Cup 28th-31st July
The programme will be given with the draw sheets. Please note that competitors must supply their own red and blue mitts and belts. Shin and foot protection is compulsory for kumite for all age groups as well as mouth guards (gum shields). However we do not insist on WKF approved types so long as it is safe to use and within reasonable dimensions. Any colour may be worn. If in doubt ask Tommy Morris or any of our senior instructor's during the training camp.

Sayonara Party
The Sayonara Party will be on Sunday and departures on Monday.

20th KOI World Cup Categories 2011

Male Categories
Female Categories
Individual Kumite
Individual Kumite
Boys Kumite 8, 9, 10, 11 years old
Girls Kumite 8/9, 10/11 years old
Boys Kumite 12, 13, 14, 15 years old
Girls Kumite 12/13, 14/15 years old
Junior Kumite 16, 17 years old
Junior Kumite 16, 17 years old
Senior Kumite 18 years and over
Senior Kumite 18 years and over
Under 65 kg
Under 53 kg
65 kg to under 72.5 kg
Under 60 kg
72.5 kg to under 80 kg
Over 60 kg
Over 80 kg
Team Kumite
Team Kumite
Male Team Kumite 12/13 years old
Male Team Kumite 14/15 years old
Male Team Kumite 16/17 years old
Male Team Kumite 18 years and over
Female Team Kumite 18 years and over
Individual Kata
Individual Kata
Boys Kata -8/9 years old
Girls Kata -8/9years old
Boys Kata 10/11 years old
Girls Kata 10/11 years old
Boys Kata 12/13 years old
Girls Kata 12/13 years old
Boys Kata 14/15 years old
Girls Kata 14/15 years old
Senior Kata 16 years and over Shitoryu
Senior Kata 16 years and over Shotokan
Senior Kata 16 years and over Wadoryu
Senior Kata 16 years and over Gojuryu
Senior Kata 16 years and over All Styles
Senior Kata 16 years and over All Styles
Mixed Gender (Male & Female)
Team Kata under 16 years old
All male, all female, or mixed
Team Kata over 16 years old
All male, all female, or mixed
Veteran Kata 40 years and over
Veteran Kata 40 years and over
Male Veteran Kata 40 years and over
Female Veteran Kata 40 years and over

In order to give young kata competitors a worthwhile experience at the KOI World Cup they may enter their own age category and the next age group up. In other words -8/9 years old can also compete in 10/11 years old, 10/11 years old can also compete in 12/13 years old, 12/13 years old can also compete in 14/15 years old, 14/15 years old can also compete in the senior categories (but not in Veterans). Please note this applies only to kata, not kumite. We reserve the right to merge categories if necessary.

KOI World Cup Competition Regulations 2011

1. All participants must be members of KOI and have an up-to-date KOI licence.

2. The member's licence number will bear their country code and will be used as their competition number in all KOI events. The competition number must be stitched or sewn onto the back of the karate-gi.

3. All entry forms and payments must be received by KOI HQ by the published closing date.

4. The coach or the appointed delegate must bring the KOI licences, two passport style photographs and a photocopy of the relevant passport page of all their participants to the registration which will be held on the Sunday preceding the World Cup.

5. Failure to be at registration on time will mean non participation in the World Cup.

6. In case of scheduled flights being delayed, a special late registration will be held the next day (Monday). Entries will be accepted only on proof of delay and at the sole discretion of KOI OC.

7. All competitors must participate in the Training Camp where they will be briefed on the rules concerning contact and the latest tactics.

8. The competitor's age must be the same as the age for the category entered on the day (or weekend) of the competition.

9. Each country or region may enter any number of teams in each category, and any number of individuals.

10. All Kumite contestants must wear gum shields and must supply their own red and blue mitts and belts. Females should wear breast protectors. Shin and foot protection is compulsory but need not be of WKF approved type so long as it is safe and within reasonable dimensions. 12 years and younger will wear body protection supplied by the organisers.

11. All competitors are responsible for providing their own medical insurance.

12. The rules are the rules of the World Karate Federation, with some exceptions as to weights, ages and categories. Preliminary rounds will usually be conducted according to the "Mirror" system. For children the rules will be those of Kobe Osaka International. (Absolutely no face contact allowed).

13. Each participating country or group entered must supply referees or judges to work in the World Cup. The actual number required is dependent on the size of the delegation as follows; Up to 10 competitors- 2 referees or judges. More than 10 and up to 20 competitors - 3 referees or judges. More than 20 competitors - 4 referees or judges

14. If they do not have a World Karate Federation, Continental, or KOI qualification, they must attend the Referee Course and take the examination. Failure to comply may mean that their competitors will be unable to participate.

15. The person or persons organising the entries for the group's competitor confirms that all competitors have been advised of the risks of competition karate and that they fully realise and accept these risks.

16. Current WKF rules do not allow women to wear head scarves. As a family group KOI does, however in order to maintain some uniformity we request the following; Competitors and those wearing karate-gi should wear a plain, un-patterned, white scarf. Referees, judges and officials and those wearing blazers should have a plain, un-patterned, black (or navy blue) scarf.

17. We do not normally allow spectators in the training camp but this can be hard on parents who have young children on the course so as a trial we will allow parents to purchase a ticket which will allow them entry on the understanding that no filming is allowed (non-professional still cameras are okay).

Download KOI Rules for Young Persons under 16 years. Click Here

Download KOI Mirror Rules. Click Here


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